mmWave Measurement System up to 75GHz

Features & Benefits
  • Technology: Far-field / Spherical with oversampling
  • Frequency Range: 18GHz – 75GHz
  • Maximum Size of DUT: 45cm
  • Maximum Mass of DUT: 10kg on the mast
  • Typical Dynamic Range: 50db
Measurement Capabilities (Passive & Active)
  • Gain
  • Directivity
  • Efficiency
  • Beamwidth
  • Cross Polar Discrimination
  • Sidelobe Levels
  • 3D Radiation Pattern
  • Radiation Pattern in any Polarization
  • 5G Communications Equipment
  • Mobile Communications Devices
  • Research and Development
The Ethertronics® ETH-MMW-1000 is a fully anechoic millimeter measurement system capable of testing wireless devices from 18 to 75GHz. The system is self contained, moveable, and compact enough to fit into any laboratory or production environment.

Self-Contained Moveable System
Compact and portable, the ETH-MMW-1000 frees up space in laboratories and production environments. The system integrates its Gigahertz Control Unit, Measurement PC and Vector Network Analyzer/Radiocom tester. Easily installed into a new or existing construction, the moveable chassis can be relocated within a test facility.

Accurate and Cost Effective Far-Field Measurement System
The ETH-MMW-1000 includes a distributed axis positioning system, consisting of:

  • An azimuth mast rotator for rotating the DUT about the Phi axis
  • A theta ring positioner for elevating the measurement Horns around the DUT.

Each measurement bandwidth is covered by dedicated paths (High Performance RF cables, rectangular waveguides, measurement Horns), associated with a common amplification stage. The fully anechoic enclosure provides a shielded environment over a very wide frequency range (from 18 GHz to 75 GHz) and ensures stable measurement results.

The millimeter measurement system is a flexible turn-key solution, ideal for all testing needs for mmWave system development and validation, including: 5G communications devices, mobile communications devices, and research and development.

必威体育appThe system is supplied with the complete Ethertronics® software suite, including:

  • Ethertronics® Antenna Measurement (Measurement Control and Data Acquisition)
  • Ethertronics® Antenna Viewer (Post-processing and tabular/graphical data output)

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